Community Group Core Values – Desktop Set

The church I attend has six Core Values that they associate with successful, thriving community (based on scripture references). I have created a set of desktop backgrounds that could cycle on my own desktop, reminding me of those principles and helping me memorize the verses attached to each one. These were not commissioned and are otherwise unaffiliated with my church in any kind of legal sense, but if they’re helpful for you, by all means, help yourself.

All images were sourced from Unsplash, a source of “alternative”, free stock images that I value highly. Fonts are BalboaPlus for the Values, Coronet LT Std for the verses, and Minion Pro for the large numerals.

Salta Pipe – Logo

This is an unused logo design for Salta Pipe Co. based out of Abilene, TX. After these lion-themed drafts were completed, the company decided on a different direction, and the end result of that redesign is their current logo.

Despite that, I enjoyed the lion/pipe combination, and thought the initial designs at least deserved a little time in the sun.

PharMed Nasal Spray – Package/Brochure

One of my forays into package design. It doesn’t happen often, but I always enjoy making pretty little boxes that are functional as well. This particular design was actually a humorous misunderstanding, in that I wasn’t really supposed to do a package design for them in the first place … and so it is another unpaid, unused design, which is really a bummer, as I was looking forward to seeing it in person.

Since the physical box never saw the light of day, I made a mockup of it in Photoshop instead. That 3D extrusion model portion of Photoshop is so much more powerful than I thought it would be.


What they had me do instead of the package turned out to be a brochure design to market their nasal spray (in a considerably less fancy packaging – ah, not that I’m biased, of course). This was the final version of the resulting trifold brochure.

Runway Seven Fall 2015 – Lookbook

A few pages from the Lookbook I designed for Runway Seven‘s Fall 2015 publication. Using the photography of the skilled Scott Delony (his current pursuit is Kaleidoscope Media Ministries, go check it out) and the stellar creative direction of Chelsea Umberger at Simple + Clean Marketing Agency, this has been one of my favorite projects to work on.

fall lookbook - coverfall lookbook - pg3fall lookbook - pg4fall lookbook - pg5fall lookbook - pg8fall lookbook - pg11

I’m especially proud of how the centerfold image came out. Centerfolds are always sexy.

fall lookbook - pg6fall lookbook - pg7

It’s now live online at Runway Seven’s website.

Thanks for dropping by!

AHP Marketing Brochures – Proposal

Some more brochures I designed as proposed marketing and informational materials for the sales/accounts teams at Academic HealthPlans in Grapevine, TX. They’re not precisely my favorite, but as marketing materials go, they’re pleasing. Mostly they illustrate a few of the new techniques I learned using InDesign.

Triptych Uni Admin Triptych Uni Admin2 Triptych Student Chart Triptych Student Chart2