Community Group Core Values – Desktop Set

The church I attend has six Core Values that they associate with successful, thriving community (based on scripture references). I have created a set of desktop backgrounds that could cycle on my own desktop, reminding me of those principles and helping me memorize the verses attached to each one. These were not commissioned and are otherwise unaffiliated with my church in any kind of legal sense, but if they’re helpful for you, by all means, help yourself.

All images were sourced from Unsplash, a source of “alternative”, free stock images that I value highly. Fonts are BalboaPlus for the Values, Coronet LT Std for the verses, and Minion Pro for the large numerals.

Graduation Party – Invitation

Modified the design (read: cannibalized) from the high school’s coat of arms to customize some invitations. Today’s challenge was NOT to use Photoshop, so this image was created entirely via Inkscape and Gimp, freeware graphic rendering programs. It was quite an interesting experience not to use all the tools to which I’m accustomed…